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What is STA?

Everything you need to know about STA

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STA Haven organises all accommodation, meals, activities and travel allowance for NDIS Participants during their STA suitable to their needs.

What Is STA?

Short Term Accommodation (STA), including respite, is a funding support provided to NDIS Participants who need accommodations away from their usual home for a short period of time.
Here are some key points about STA: 


STA allows participants to have a break and change of scenery. It provides an opportunity to try new things and develop new skills.


STA covers stays of up to 14 days at one time, however a participant may use up to 28 STA days within a 12 month period.

Funding Coverage

The NDIS funding for STA includes all expenses within a 24-hour period. This may cover accommodation, personal care, food, and other services agreed upon by the participant and STA Haven.

STA Haven Inclusions

Our Short Term Accommodation model is an innovative STA model allowing NDIS Participants more flexibility to enjoy a rewarding experience of STA within their existing NDIS budgets and capacity.

Incorporating both formal and informal support structures into your Short Term Accommodation (STA) model can enhance its effectiveness and appeal to NDIS participants. Here’s how:

Informal Support

Informal support, on the other hand, involves assistance from family members, friends, or community networks. These informal support networks play a crucial role in the lives of individuals with disabilities, providing emotional support, companionship, and practical assistance with day-to-day tasks. Incorporating informal support into your STA model recognises the importance of these relationships and encourages their involvement in the participant’s accommodation experience.

In summary, integrating formal and informal support within your STA model creates a holistic approach that addresses the diverse needs of NDIS participants, promotes social connections, and enhances their overall satisfaction with the accommodation experience.


Informal supports, such as assistance from family members or friends, often come at little to no financial cost compared to professional services. By leveraging these existing relationships and networks, you can reduce the need for expensive professional support, thus lowering overall costs associated with the STA model.

Informal supports not only reduces costs but also enhances the overall efficiency and sustainability of your STA model. By tapping into existing relationships and networks within participants’ communities, you can maximize the impact of your funding while still providing high-quality support and care.

Choice to engage Formal Support

If choosing to engage formal support, STA Haven encourage participants to negotiate rates with their support services, then providing a quote to be included in their STA package agreement . This approach can bring clarity and transparency to the support process, ensuring that both parties understand the financial expectations involved. It also allows participants to have a say in determining the cost of the support they receive, which can foster a sense of empowerment and ownership over their support arrangements. Formal support refers to professional services provided by trained staff or organisations. This might include support workers, medical professionals, therapists, or other professionals who offer specialised assistance. Integrating formal support into your STA model ensures that participants have access to the expertise and assistance they require to meet their specific needs. This can include assistance with personal care, medication management, therapy sessions, and any other professional services needed to support the participants’ well-being.


1 or 2 bedroom apartment style accommodation, fully self contained with kitchen and laundry facilities or hotel style depending on Participants’ preferences/requirement.

Meal Allowance

Daily budget dependent on dietary requirements in the form of prepaid vouchers or click ‘n’ collect groceries.

Activities Allowance

Daily budget for activities based on personal interests in the form of prepaid cards or activity tickets.

Travel Allowance

Daily budget in the form of prepaid cards. We can also organise transport for you to and from the accommodation via a taxi or private accessible transfer.

We currently have fantastic opportunities for Short Term Accomodation / Respite right across Australia.

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