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Our FAQs contain the answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding Short Term Accommodation services for NDIS Participants.

Can I claim hotel accommodation on NDIS?

Short Term Accommodation (STA), including respite, is funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home. It covers the cost of your care in another place for up to 14 days at a time.

What costs are covered by the NDIS under STA?

STA includes: personal care supports, accommodation, meals and the activities you as a NDIS participant and the provider agree to.

How do I know if I have Short Term Accommodation in my NDIS plan?

STA is usually included and stated on your NDIS plan. If not stated in your plan can be accessed through your “Core Supports”. Your support coordinator or plan manager will assist you in confirming your eligibility.

How often can I get away for short term care?
This may be detailed in your plan, to a maximum of 28 days per year.
What is STA Haven’s model?

STA Haven’s Short Term Accommodation model is an innovative STA model allowing NDIS participants more flexibility to enjoy a rewarding experience of STA within their existing NDIS budgets and capacity. STA Haven offers you the participant more control over your funds. STA Haven’s STA model will work with you to create new opportunities to learn and explore new experiences, increase your social connections, enhance your confidence to participate independently in the community and maintain healthy family relationships, as well as offer a short break to your informal supports. STA Haven encourages informal support to reduce costs to participants NDIS plans , however you are free to bring your own Support Worker or attend your STA independently on your own. STA Haven quotes do not include the wages of your support worker and you will need negotiate with your chosen support team directly. This quote can then be included in your STA package.

During your STA, you can choose to consider participating in a range of activities of your choice. This is where STA Haven encourages NDIS participants to be as creative as possible in working towards their goals. You can organise these activities yourself or through your support coordinator, or even request it to be included in your STA Haven quote. Our team at STA Haven can assist you in organising these activities of choice. STA Haven also provide meal allowances which cover breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Is NDIS support available across Australia?

The NDIS is a national scheme and is available in every state and territory.

How do I get STA in my NDIS plan?

You do not need funding for Short Term Accommodation stipulated into your plan. You can choose to use your Core budget on supports like Short Term Accommodation if it helps you pursue your goals. If you’d like to learn more about Short Term Accommodation, ask your Support Coordinator, LAC, or planner at your planning meeting. If your circumstances change and you need Short Term Accommodation, you can ask for a plan reassessment (review) if there isn’t enough funding in your plan. NDIS can include additional funding in your plan to cover Short Term Accommodation if it’s reasonable and necessary.

What are the Out-of-Pocket expenses for Participants during their STA?

Any other incidentals that are not included below would be an Out-of-Pocket expense for the participant.

What is included in the Participants STA?

STA Haven organises all accommodation, meals, activities and travel allowance for NDIS Participants during their STA suitable to their needs. We encourage clients to engage their own support to ensure they are personally satisfied, however willing to assist if needed.
Included in the STA Haven STA:
1 or 2 bedroom apartment style accommodation, fully self contained with kitchen and laundry facilities or hotel style depending on Participants’ preferences/requirements.

Meal Allowance

Daily budget dependent on dietary requirements.

Activities Allowanc
Daily budget for activities based on personal interests

Travel Allowance

Daily budget for travel. We can also organise transport for you to and from the accommodation.

Equipment Hire

We can assist with the hiring and delivery of mobility equipment.

We currently have fantastic opportunities for Short Term Accomodation / Respite right across Australia.

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